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Reconstruct – Various Artists

i) Build or form (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyd.
ii) Form an impression, model, or re–enactment of (a past event or thing) from the available evidence.

This group publication is the result of an open call where contributers were invited to respond to the theme Reconstruct.

Featuring works by: Joao Pedro Lima, Johann Husser, Dan Commons, Theo Simpson, Tyrone Williams, Sofia Masini & Angelo Vignali, Sam Hutchinson, Liz Orton, Ellie Rankin, Xanthe Hutchinson, Fiona Segadaes Da Silva, Fabrizio Albertini, Jonas Feige, Hannah Ackroyd, Christopher Shannon, Philip Welding, Berangere Fromont, Hiroshi Takizawa, Lucie Armstrong, Isabelle Wenzel, Michel Mazzoni, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Joe Gilmore, Simon Bray, Stephan Keppel, Carlos James Reeder, Arian Christiaens, Carl Ander, Ash HardmanMegan Mechelle Dalton, Sanne van den Elzen, Juergen Bergbauer, Thomas Hausser, Ole Erik Lovold, Anya Jasbar, Scott Alberg, Amandine Freyd, James Meredew, Eugenie Shinkle, Richard Higginbottom, Joanna McNulty, Eva Louisa Jonas, Andy Pham, Boris Snauwaert, Polly Palmerini, Colm Pharrell, Sophie Lethem, Constanza Miranda, Lena Paßlick

96 Pages
197 x 280 mm
Single Colour Risograph Printing in Black
Index Card Insert
Hand Bound  
November, 2023
£20 + Postage

– Joe Gilmore

H is the fifth in a series of artist’s books by graphic designer Joe Gilmore. The book presents an archive of black and white photographs, each identified by one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The images were created using text-to-image artificial intelligence. Presented as a kind of encyclopaedia of natural forms, H questions our notions of representation and reality. The text prompts used to generate these photographs consisted of descriptions of things which do not exist, and often combined lists of unrelated words alongside features and forms derived from different disciplines (architecture, biology, geology, mathematics).

20 Pages
208 x 297mm
Single Colour Risograph Printing in Black
Staple Bound
November, 2023
£12 + Postage 


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